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Zolile Mcelu (born June 24, 1992) - better known by his rap alias TSA (The Silent Assassin), is a South African hip hop recording artist and songwriter Johannesburg. TSA has named Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z and The Weeknd amongst others as his influences. He has quantified Marshall Bruce Mathers (also known as Eminem) as his favourite rap musical outfit of all time, and influenced not only by his music, but day-to-day animation, in his awkwardly humorous demeanour.
Growing up, Mcelu mattered to playing soccer and aspired to play at a professional level before discovering hip hop. When he was around 11 years old his mother bought him his first hip hop album “The Eminem Show” (in most cases a very unorthodox gift for a juvenile minor, considering the explicit lyrical content) . After obtaining a copy of the album Mcelu became absorbed in music, recording and mixing his own songs in his make-shift studio within the comfort of his bedroom. 
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