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Terry Madaki, 28 January 1976, Terry started rapping back in 1991 in secondary school at school shows and bonfire nights. Shortly after he finished from secondary school, he recorded a demo which gave him recognition in Kaduna through radio airplay. Then he was known as Terrific. He later changed this to Tha Rapman after he hooked up with a group (Tha Croc City Click) in 1995.

They recorded a demo-tape which got serious airplay with hit songs like "fashi" and "Tha illest". Though the group was popular, it was within the Kaduna city's turf. Six foot plus heard the tape while he was in Kaduna, he and took it down to Lagos. The group (Croc City Click) got more recognition from their breakthrough in Lagos radio stations. They even had a review in one Nigeria's fast selling Hip-hop magazine. After attempts to get a recording deal over a period of five years (1995-1999) the group split due to the religious crisis from the Sharia law uprising.

Terry is determined to put an end to all wackiness in the Nigeria rap industry with the help of the SWATROOT CREW (Solo Dee, Six Foot Plus, Mode 9, Eldee).

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