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Mai Gida  (feat. Joe El)

Mai Gida
Following the success of her previous single “ASK”, Singer and radio queen Sabina is out with another groundbreaking and sensational track, “MAI GIDA” which means “Lord of the house” or “Head of the house” in Hausa language. The track features multi award winning Kennis Music finest Joe El and is produced by the well versed VC Perez. “Mai gida” is a blend of Hausa and English languages laced on afro/contemporary hip pop beat and crosses over common boundaries like tribe and religion. Man by nature is already informed of God as the Supreme Being, what we do with that knowledge is based on individual decision. Life becomes meaningful and you live at peace with your neighbor when you submit to your “Mai gida”. Sabina hopes to spread the message of love and peace throughout the world in general, and Nigeria in particular through this happy and reassuring song that has brought two great music personalities together! Enjoy and share this amazing piece. .
  89  |    102  |    2
album title: Mai Gida (Single)
Producer: VC Perez
genre: Afrobeat
Released Under: N/A

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