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Nigerian Hip-hop MC, born June 14th, 1975 in London, UK. Mode 9 moved back to Lagos, Nigeria in the mid-nineties, where he studied Building Technology. While in school (Bida Polytechnic) he met Ayo Animashaun, a publisher who eventually introduced him to Solo Dee and his Payback Tyme Records imprint. Through Solo Dee he meet fellow MC's and hiphop activists El Dee, Mr. Baron, Six Foot Plus, De Weez and El-Cream and together they formed the crew SWATROOT, releasing up to 18 tracks come 1999. 


After producing The IX Files, an album which never really saw the light of day in 2002, Modenine released his acclaimed debut Malcolm IX - The Lost Sessions on Payback Tyme Records in 2004. Followed closely by his Pentium IX - The Mixtape. 


In 2008, he had the opportunity to tour through Singapore and Malaysia, alongside Terry tha Rapman, as well as be a judge in the 'Sprite Emcee Africa' competition, a South African based, Africa wide freestyle battle and talent search. 


Hiphop vet from Nigeria , started rhyming for fun in the early 90`s , but he didnt take the artform seriously until 2000 when he recorded IX FILES (on paybacktyme records) it took 3 years for the album to be ready. it neva hit the market but singles like (its about to get ugly, schooling and Back wiva vengeance heated up the air waves in 2002 . one memorably land mark for hiphop in Nigeria was the video of its about to get ugly . it came wiv grime and creativity blazing all the television stations video charts . after that in 2004 MALCLM IX was released it did quite well and all the hiphop heads rejoiced . the lead single Elbowroom won an AMEN Award the following year for best rap single in Nigeria and in 2006 MODENINE won 3 HipHop World Awards and 3 Channel O Music Video Awards (The Biggest win of the NIGHT) That same year he released PENTIUM IX the blue print to real hiphop in Nigeria 

While signed to Question Mark Entertainment. Modenine has propelled the underground sound to the mainstream, E 'Pluribus Unum was released in 2007 and it was heralded as one of the best HIPHOP albums to come out of Africa , getting airplay on New yorks Hot 97 with mad props from DJ Cocoa Channel 

Modenine known for his sick wordplay and inimitable lyricism( 5 time winner of The BEST LYRICIST award) has spat, alongside some of the finest emcees , Guru of Gangstarr ,Wyclef and in 2005 he opened for Akon in Port Harcourt Nigeria .Junior Reid ,Kanye West, T-Pain ,LL Cool J ,Nas , Talib Kweli and Akon again in 2007. In 2008 Modenine set up Redeye Muzik an Indie Label and pushed out 2 Classic albums The Paradigm Shift and DaVinci Mode.t.
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