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Durugbo Anyaehie Hilary ,a.k.a Larry De Psalmist;born 10 Jan,1978 in Emekuku hospital Owerri,Imo State of Nigeria;started his musical career at the tender age(10 to 12years),but couldn't go further due to the fact he had no sponsor.
He later went further to acquire more knowledge.During his school days(meaning his secondary school days),he performed wonderfully with the stage or music name Busker Marshall,which was later changed due to most of
his songs had biblical messages,and it was the period he composed his single
"Lord my shepherd"from psalm 23(1998) .
Hilary later changed his music name to Larry de psalmist because he had encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.He joined Catholic Charismatic renewal of Nigeria (CCRN) 1998 after displaying that unassuming talent through that single ''Lord my shephard'',including people's encouragements;not to hide his talents,instead to pray fervently so as to know his gifts,calling and talents.While in the CCRN ,Larry did life in the spirit seminar to know more of his gifts,and he found himself in teaching,singing and praying ministry.Larry's preaching is like that of John the baptist ''a voice in the wilderness''(Prophets against injustice corruptions and immoralities like: Amos, Jeremiah Ezekiel,Elijah and co),and he sings like psalmists of old ,just like the one he mimics:King David the radical psalmist of old.He likes using any beat,style and rhythm to pass message.His music style are of two types,singing side,is for worship and ragga rap,is for preaching.He is introducing his genre:Afro-Igba beat as a patriotic Nigerian and as a real African.He has assisted some men of God(Rev Fathers,evangelists and different people from different denominations),in the service(crusades,communities' deliverance and hospital sick calls )of most high God.As a youth man,he is a member of Catholic youth of Nigeria(Cyon),member of citizens of heaven,Jesus the way prayer group,member of amen community and adoration ministry.He together with other members have conducted many seminars,youths' work shops,retreats and other soul winning activities which are his dreams on earth.Thus he will say:'I pray that the kingdom of darkness will be depopulated while the kingdom of light be overpopulated' As an African,he advices his fellow Africans to adhere strictly to their culture(norms and values positive and godly ones:that was why he sang:Na Africa We Dey ,and to avoid being involved in an indecent dressing,smoking ,occultism(lesbian and homosexual),and such like;based his advice on 2 Timothy 3 to 10,Revelation 21 vs 8 and Galatians 5 vs 19 to 21.Happy listening,reading and God bless.

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