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Baby Boys


Baby Boys are a Nigerian/Canadian Afrobeat/Hip-Hop duo of 2 brothers, MustiBoy (real name - Mustapha Daodu) and ABD (real name - Abass Daodu); their stage name was derived from the duo's home label, Baby Boys Records. From an early age, both have always been involved in the creation of music which made them stars amidst their peers; they began their musical career as an extra-curricular school activity since their High School days in LagosNigeria, and involve their time in creating music and partaking in dance and singing competition - as a family, they both originate from EtsakoEdo StateNigeria - MustiBoy currently lives in TorontoOntarioCanada while ABD resides in LagosNigeria. They come from a polygamous and very large family, a family that's highly interested and encourage their musical ambitions, and they often support all of their professional movements; Baby Boys are active and enthusiastic about their passion for Music -  the duo's currently working on their 1st album with production mainly by Maxta MixMustiBoy and a few of Nigerian's finest producers - listen up to "Buga Money" and " Odudu," as they also officially introduce Dihara (featured on a different single titled "Jeje") as their official signed artist.

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