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Heart Beat II

Heart Beat II
In the just concluded Nigerian idol season4, we found the closest look alike of the International pop superstar Usher Raymond, known as Antwon. We were very amazed to find out what the "cat with the 9lives" as referred to on the show is up to. Anyways we knew he was going to have so many issues with handling the ladies as his performances threw a hand-full of them into a frenzy with screams, tears, chants of his name and what have you... Not only does Antwon have got a voice that goes straight to your feelings but also this dude is a lady-killer, he's so cute, lol!! #NoHomo.. With all that said, this is what the young upcoming superstar had to say on his fb fan page. https://www.facebook.com/1497306850482148/photos/a.1501724396707060.1073741828.1497306850482148/1550497168496449/?type=1&theater I'm so sure his soon to be released song will cause another round of commotion for you ladies.. Just my honest opinion.. ff@i_antwon on twitter ff@i_antwon on IG ff anthonyjames on fb and like his fb fan page "Antwoners" #ChasingTheNigerianDream #GodBlessNigeria
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